Return your goods

You may return the item if you decide that you no longer wish to purchase or have purchased a defective item.

You can return the item at any store.

A proof of purchase (purchase receipt) is required.

Attention! All returned goods are inspected.

If the packaging or item is mechanically damaged (except for factory defect), the money will not be refunded and the item will not be replaced.

Return of defective goods

If you have purchased a poor quality item at, you have the right to claim from the seller:

  • Replace the defective product with a good quality product;
  • Refund the money paid for the item

Not considered to be a defect: mechanical damage due to improper care and use, changes in the appearance of the product, natural wear and tear.

Any mechanical damage such as cracking, tearing, broken wheels, broken handles and other warranty is excluded. This type of damage is most often caused by the airport's baggage department staff. You must submit a complaint if you notice any violation. It must be presented as soon as the damaged luggage has been received and the carrier may subsequently refuse to accept the complaint.

Return of quality goods

If the purchased goods do not meet your expectations, you can return them within 14 calendar days of purchasing them or exchange them for other goods.

In case of return of the item, we will pay all money received for the item. In this case, goods can be delivered free of charge in our stores in Vilnius and Kaunas or by courier at Jurbarko str. 2-202, Kaunas. You will pay for the courier services.

All returned goods must be undamaged, undamaged, unadulterated in appearance and returned with authentic labels, in the same set.

When returning the item, it is necessary to present the document of purchase (receipt).

Changes in the appearance of the product or its packaging that were necessary to inspect the product shall not be considered as a substantial change in the appearance of the product.

Goods shall not be returned if they have been used and / or damaged and / or have lost their appearance.